Have you booked your place yet?

The excitement is mounting for the 6th BorderBizcamp.  Taking place on Saturday 23rd September at Monaghan Institute, we are delighted to present two key note speakers as part of the line up of 20 speakers for this year’s event: Professor Niall Moyna is back by popular demand and joining us direct from the USA is […]

Plan out your day at BorderBizcamp

Plan out your day at BorderBizcamp At BorderBizcamp 2016 there are three talk themes: Into the Future – future trends, possibilities, directions, opportunities and business ideas Up, Up and Away – Inspirational business stories Nuts & Bolts – Practical tools, techniques and how-tos to make your business even better. During the day, there are 8 different timeslots starting at 10am and finishing […]

Tips, tools & learning on all things business

Tips, tools & learning on all things business Here are just some of the topics which will be covered at BorderBizcamp 2016: developing mental resilience; recruiting staff; developing social contribution; improving your physique promoting your business improving business efficiency enhancing positive mental attitude preparing your business for sale exploring the art of joy ………….and much more […]

BorderBizcamp 2016 – bursting with stories

What connects forklifts, Irish Slogans & social farming? The connection is that each of them will be showcased at Monaghan’s unconventional business conference, BorderBizcamp, which takes place for the 5th year running on Saturday 18th June 9.30am-4.30pm at Monaghan Institute, on the Armagh Road, Monaghan Town. Book your place HERE now to avoid disappointment.  On […]

What’s it all about?

What’s its all about? People who have not been to BorderBizcamp in the past ask “What’s it all about?” Our answer………..It’s a business conference like none other, because it comes from the heart.  The organising team behind BorderBizcamp are a great bunch who love to connect with people who have great business stories to share and […]