Contact the organisers

Here is a list of the organisers of BorderBizcamp who have offered their time to get behind a good idea and make it happen:

Annmarie McHugh, DKIT
LinkedIn: Annmarie McHugh

Briege Quinn, Monaghan Local Enterprise Office
LinkedIn: Briege Quinn

Cecilia Hegarty, PLATO EBR
Linked In: Cecilia Hegarty

Claire Cunningham, Aura Internet
Linked In: Claire Cunningham

Darren Greenan, VFECTO
LinkedIn: Darren Greenan

Gordon McArdle, Rocas Training & Business Development
LinkedIn: Gordon McArdle

Joe Shiels,
LinkedIn: Joe Shiels

Paul Bond, BRIXworkwear
LinkedIn: Paul Bond

Ruth Daly, Sort-it
LinkedIn: Ruth Daly