Plan out your day at BorderBizcamp

Plan out your day at BorderBizcamp
At BorderBizcamp 2016 there are three talk themes:

  • Into the Future – future trends, possibilities, directions, opportunities and business ideas
  • Up, Up and Away – Inspirational business stories
  • Nuts & Bolts – Practical tools, techniques and how-tos to make your business even better.

During the day, there are 8 different timeslots starting at 10am and finishing at 15.40pm. At each time slot there will be three speakers presenting, one in each theme, so you get to choose who you would like to attend.

So the advice is, take a look at the event booklet or the speakers section and read through the speaker bios and their talk descriptions and see what you are drawn to.  Then plan your choices from the 22 who will be present.  Here is the schedule:

BorderBizcamp 2016 schedule

Looking forward to seeing you there.