BorderBizcamp 2016 – bursting with stories

What connects forklifts, Irish Slogans & social farming?

The connection is that each of them will be showcased at Monaghan’s unconventional business conference, BorderBizcamp, which takes place for the 5th year running on Saturday 18th June 9.30am-4.30pm at Monaghan Institute, on the Armagh Road, Monaghan Town.

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On the day you can expect to hear stories of success and failure, triumph and challenge mixed in with lots of passion. For anyone with an interested in business, it’s the place to be, to connect with other like-minded people, to be inspired and motivated by the trials and tribulations of the speakers who will be present. 

With the theme for this year’s event being “The Future – Commerce, Community & Craic” you are guaranteed an exceptional participative experience in Monaghan.  The word “Community” comes from Latin, where “Cum” means together or among each other, and “munus” which means the gift.  So the term community literally means gifts among each other – in other words, it’s about bringing the gifts of each person in the community, to the centre for the good of all.   That’s is what is at the heart of most enterprises, whether for-profit or not-for-profit.

At BorderBizcamp our ethos is all about sharing and community.  Our speakers very generously bring the gifts of their knowledge and experience, our organisers bring their networks and enthusiasm and our sponsors (below) offer their support to ensure the day is a FREE gift to everyone.  For these groups of people BorderBizcamp is truly grateful.

Here’s the latest line-up of confirmed speakers:
     Paul Bond, BRIX Workwear
     Stephen Dalton, Emotional Intelligence Institute of Ireland
     Denise Devlin, Positive Parties
     Glenn Mahony, Sky Rocket

     Stephen Mulvenna VFECTO
    Mark Reilly, Aphix Software

These are the latest additions to the line-up of speakers for BorderBizcamp, you can check out the full 16 announced to date HERE.
So go on avoid disappointment and, book your place now 

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