Paul Bond’s musings on BorderBizcamp 2015: Light up the Dark

Musings from Paul Bond on the experience of BorderBizcamp 2015 from his weekly blog:

This blank sheet of paper is staring back at me with a big wide , ‘what are you going to do about it’ smile on its face.  It wasn’t blank five minutes ago. No Sir, , five minutes ago it had three pages of information from last Saturday’s Border Bizcamp before a horrid little box containing the seemingly innocuous message “As you know Microsoft Word is help together by digital spit, hope and wasp wings and…it has stopped responding”. But I hadn’t asked it to respond….or make me a cup of tea. All I’d asked the damn thing to do was remember what I’d typed. It failed, miserably.

But it’s OK, I’ve treated myself to two Custard Creams and a really, really, God fearing, and strong cup of tea and now I’m back at my desk in Monaghan’s 4th largest work  wear store and am ready to tell you the 42 things I learnt last Saturday at the 4th Border Bizcamp.


Never try and run two coffee machines and an unfeasibly large water boiler off a single plug extension.

How to climb out of a bucket , even if you don’t succeed the first time – Jan Van Dijk

Benny Magennis was inspired to find the answer to the horror of flatpack furniture by his Aunt Mimi and her blind Chihuahua, Twinkle.

Kickstarter campaigns are FUN !

Future proof your health not just your business – Claire Clerkin

Tim McAllister LOVES design but tells the world’s worst ‘knock, knock’ jokes.

“If opportunity doesn’t knock , build a door !” – Tim McAllister @brandetiquette

Enjoy.Endure. Encourage.

“Never give up, never give in.” Michael McArdle, McArdle Skeath

Someday we will all work for Jonathan White @sillianstudios , zombies will be involved !

Using video in your business is like  a very tall person in a room of averaged size people… you stand out! – David McConnon

“Less” is hard. We’re hard-wired for “more” – accumulating, hoarding, attachment, status…But we need a clear space for what is truly important. – Helen McDonnell

Sean Love rocks !

“Creativity barred from Irish school system  – insane” – Sean Love

Believe your own hype until it’s true  – Gareth Chambers

“Find an outlet for your cluttered mind” Gareth Chambers

Walking on Broken Glass !!

Stephen Brown got a group of unsuspecting attendees to conquer their fears and walk across some broken glass. Mr.Ronaghan sat beside me as he put his shoes and socks back on having completed his walk. “Did you see me, I just did that.” I replied that I had seen him. He leaned in , conspiratorily and said, “I wouldn’t have done that 30 years ago, you know.” Huzzah !

180 people can get through a lot of pizza ! Thanks David and all at Pizza D’Or !

Francis McCarron is a dark horse ! And never properly answered the question “Are fish scared of candles ?”

“Creativity test : Were you ever a child ? – You are creative “ – Francis McCarron

“Just go for it and see where it takes you” – Lorna Sixsmith

“Due diligence generally is just an excuse for  bull and procrastination.”  This is really all I can quote from Gerry Moan that wouldn’t land either or both of us in trouble. If you weren’t there you missed  the frankest ever discussion on finance that I doubt he’d dare to share again. Only in Monaghan !

Mike Treanor of Mullan Lighting is even cooler than I knew him to be. With a little over an hour’s notice he stepped in to replace another speaker.

Never , never , never ask one of the coolest guys on the planet , Master Chris Brogan, to talk live by Skype at the Border Bizcamp without writing down your OWN Skype log in details !

“People want to do business with companies that talk to them, who smile at them, who are friendly and helpful” – Chris Brogan

Mass personalisation  versus mass marketing – Chris Brogan

Chris Brogan buys his gas ( petrol) from a gas station called Cumberland Farm because they say ‘hello’ and wish customers ‘Happy Birthday’.

Value. velocity and the velvet rope. – Chris Brogan

Your blog ? The killing fields ! – Batman

Gary Quinn has a real job !!!

Do NOT tell Gary Quinn NOT to do anything stupid. Went to Honduras ,highest murder rate in the known galaxy, toured with military police….without  a bullet proof vest….they didn’t have one in navy.

Honest reporting is still important and can make a difference. Coffee vs.gangs – Gary Quinn , Irish Times.

Communication is affected by both our and our audiences preferences and prejudices- Dr.Finbarr Daly.

You only get 8 seconds to compel Ron Immink. No pressure.

Watch, read or listen to something motivational to make you think bigger and better every day says Darragh Holland from Dutchy’s Fitness. He also maintains that Belgium is facing extinction.

And then there was Mark with an array of Hurleyisms :

Mark Hurley , revolutionary, with Gerry Moan , incendiary.

Do something, do anything, just do it.

Your business can’t be someday, it has to be everyday.

Sometimes you have to let go of what you have to get what you want.

When you’re living, or working towards a better life you don’t have time for Coronation Street !

All you can do is all you can do ( Art Williams)

Someone else’s opinion of me is none of my business.

If you can’t explain something simply you don’t understand it.

Don’t be a monkey.

And with that we packed away the coffee machines and headed off to The Squealing Pig for a well-deserved pint.


So this week, to claim your free Carhartt/Brix limited edition tee shirt simply tell us who inspired you this week ?



P.S. The title of the blog was inspired by this wonderful song by Gabrielle Aplin “Light Up The Dark…..”