Join us to make stone soup in Monaghan

There is a wonderful folk tale, which tells of a stranger coming to a village, hungry and with no food of his own.  The villagers are all finding times hard and cannot feed him, so he sets up his pot and starts to make soup from stones. Bit by bit he enrolls the villagers to join him, with each offering a small contribution of whatever they had to give – carrots, herbs, potatoes, salt etc to the pot.  Soon the whole village is drawn to the wonderfully aromatic soup which has resulted from the contributions of the individuals and they all enjoy the tasty feast where before there was none. (For the full tale click HERE)
Bill Liao (one of the speakers from BorderBizcamp 2012) applied this tale so well to business in his book “Stone Soup – The secret recipe for making something from nothing”.

BorderBizcamp is a bit like the Stone Soup in the tale, it comes about from joining the contributions of many.  So we acknowledge the wonderful contributions that all have made to bring this great day to bear – our speakers, our sponsors, our food providers, our helpers, our organisers, our supporters and you our participants.

Adding to the line up of passion, knowledge, skill and expertise, we are delighted to announce some more of our speakers for BorderBizcamp 2015:

If you have not done so already, please do book your free ticket and share this invitation with others who you think might be interested.  We would love to see you there.