More inspiration & expertise comes to BorderBizcamp 2013

Enda McShane

Enda McShane is CEO of global customer engagement agency, Velocity Worldwide.  A colourful character, Enda will passionately demonstrate why it is important to develop a one to one relationship with your customers whether it’s on a B2B or B2C level.

Velocity Worldwide



Colleen Harte

Colleen was inspired to create Lucy Annabella Organics when she realised that ‘being organic’ is as much about what we put on our bodies as what we put into them. Colleen is a Complementary Therapist and Clinical Aromatherapist who lives by the ethos that ‘Our health is paramount to our happiness’. So in 2011 after travelling all over the world from Ireland, London, Thailand, Australia, Provence, France and beyond in search of knowledge and the finest ingredients and organically dedicated farmers, Colleen felt it had become time for her to actively combine all aspects of her life’s loves and purse her passion, to formulate and blend beautifully organic ingredients and share them.

LinkedIn: Colleen Harte

Niall Harbinson

Niall is an entrepreneur who founded Simply Zesty in 2009 in his spare bedroom with €10,000 in start-up capital, and developed it to a global digital agency which he sold 3 years later to UTV. The company helps brands such as Vodafone, Samsung and Sony with their social media strategies developing creative campaigns on platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.  Simply Zesty recently merged with Tibus Digital to create one of Ireland’s and the UK’s largest digital media agency with 50 people spread between Dublin, Belfast and London. Niall is also an angel investor backing small Irish companies to help them create jobs and achieve the same success as Simply Zesty.

Simply Zesty


Edel Doherty

Edel is Managing Director of Business Travel Solutions part of the Barrhead Travel Group, an innovative business travel solution company offering customers bespoke travel management solutions. With 30 years  experience in the Travel Industry,  and having built up other successful travel companies she felt it was time to take on a new challenge and open her own business. Under Edel’s leadership and in today’s economic environment in three years her business has gone from start-up to a turnover in excess of £5.5 million, testament to her drive and determination.  Edel strives to make every opportunity count not only in her business life but in her commitment to help others achieve their potential.

LinkedIn: Edel Doherty


Michael McGrath

Michael McGrath is a software engineer who loves what he does.  With his business partner he founded Trace First in 2007 and virtually 100% of their revenue has come from overseas throughout their history. They had a major success in early 2011 when they won a $5m contract with the US Federal Government to licence software from them as well as a bundle of implementation services. They now have users in every US state and are building upon this footprint. They don’t have external investors and focus on profitable projects in their niche sector with happy customers.

Trace First